our homely and intimate nursery is split into three age appropriate groups over two floors and three large outside spaces. our babies, toddlers and Preschool children explore the different stimulating environments filled with tailored and engaging activities for the different ages to investigate.


The nurseries large outdoor spaces are idea for little explorers. Our garden has been carefully planned to challenge and extend the children’s physical skills and offers plenty of different and engaging areas for all our age groups to investigate.

We supply all weather suits and sheltered spaces to encourage the use of the garden every session to provide a good range of experiences and learning possibilities. Our large outside spaces offer plenty of room for children to move freely and explore physical activities. Whilst our smaller hidden areas encourage their curiosity and invoke their imagination.



Baby Room

Individual attention, sensitive care and a warm environment is the focus in our baby room. We work closely with our families and follow each babies own routine ensuring we give the best possible start in life. From 6 weeks to 2 years the baby room offers plenty of stimulating activities for them to investigate whilst they move through each stage of development .

An adult to child ratio of 2:6 creates a supportive environment whilst they learn to play and explore. A separate sleep room allows them to rest safely and undisturbed. When they become confident little walkers they are ready to explore the toddler room.

Toddler Room

The focus of the toddler room is to provide a stimulating and fun environment where the children can learn new skills, build relationships and become active learners.

A staff to child ratio of 2:7 allows your child to link up to their familiar adults for support whilst encouraging their independence.

Through a careful balance of free play and routine we plan stimulating activities for your child’s individual needs. From 18 months to 2 years the toddler room assists each child through there next steps of development. Lots of support, comfort and care encourages their personalities to grow as they become happy talkers. Plenty of potties and a child toilet allows a smooth transition into toilet training. Slowly introducing them to the nursery routine and providing a relaxing sleep environment gives them time to rest and recharge

Pre School

Our preschool is split into separate stimulating areas situated in the upstairs of the nursery giving plenty of space for the children to explore. Allowing the child to free flow between the rooms encourages their independence whilst they investigate the different environments and activities.

A staff to child ratio of 4:17 supports and enhances their development as they grow in confidence and develop a positive approach to learning. We work in partnership with families to plan to each individual child’s interest,needs and development whilst encouraging their progress through the seven areas of learning.

From 2.5 years to 5 years we provide a wide variety of activities for all their ages and an emphasis is put on new experiences. We support parents and children with the transition into school ensuring they start there next adventure with confidence


We have an eight week rolling menu to ensure each child gets the opportunity to try a good variety of meals. Our menu was put together by the staff, the children and their families. It has been designed so as the children can help prepare and make a lot of the meals themselves. Our nursery cook can adapt all our fresh lunch time meals to cater for any dietary needs. We are always happy to make changes to the menu and welcome any new meal ideas you have.

The children start the day with fruit share; giving them the opportunity to bring in their favourite fruits from home for everyone to share. They help to cut up or juice the fruits ready for everyone to try. Water is available for all children to help there self to throughout the day and milk is offered with their morning and afternoon break.