Our Team


Baby Room and Owner

She started working here in May 2003. She had already achieved her Level 2 in childcare whilst working at a pre-school. Burnett gained experienced working with every age group here before becoming head of the baby room in 2005. She completed her NVQ Level 3 and became nursery supervisor. Burnett bought the nursery with two of her daughters in March 2013. She still works in the baby room and is now a director, working as part of the management team. She has enjoyed raising three daughters who are now all grown up. Amy and Lisa work here at the nursery and Laura works in Bristol as an accountant.


Joint Nursery manager and owner

She joined in November 2009. She started working in our toddler room and completed a Level 3 diploma in Children’s workforce. Amy became Preschool Leader and Deputy Manager in 2010. She is the nurseries Special educational needs coordinator and Safeguarding officer . Amy jointly bought the nursery in March 2013 so is now a director and joint Manager. Amy loves being a mum to her two children, Evie who was born September 2011 and Esme who was born September 2014.



She prepares all our lunch time meals. She started here in March 2003 and has achieved her level 2 food hygiene and catering and level 2 in children’s workforce. She also has helped the nursery to achieve a 5 star award in food Hygiene. Kim has raised two of her own children Jess and Charlie who are now all grown up. Kim has one grandchild but is looking forward to more.


Joint Nursery manager and owner.

She began working here in March 2004. She originally worked in our toddler room and completed her NVQ level 3 in children’s care, learning and development. Lisa became leader of the preschool and Deputy Manager in 2008. She then achieved her NVQ Level 4 and started her role as Nursery Manager in 2011. Lisa bought the nursery with her family in March 2013 so is now a director and works as joint manager based mainly in the office. She is the proud mum of Joey who was born May 2013.


Babyroom and Supervisor 

She started with us as a student in Jan 06 then became a full member of staff once she completed her NVQ level 2 at college in June that same year. She has gained experience working with all the ages and has now settled in the baby room. She has worked hard to achieve her NVQ level 3 in child care learning and development and NVQ level 3 in leadership and management . Vicky has experience as our student co coordinator and a room leader. She is now the nurseries supervisor so manages the nursery and leads the team when the managers are absent. Vicky is one of our first aiders.


Pre School and Student Mentor

Kirsty started working for us in our toddler room in April 2010 she had already gained her level 2 NVQ whilst at college. She now upstairs in our preschool and she is our nurseries student mentor. Kirsty has completed her level 3 diploma in young person’s workforce and is one of our first aiders.


Toddler room

Sarah started here in July 2011 as an apprentice completing her level 3 whist she gained experience and qualifications in child care. She has worked in our toddler room as a room leader and then worked upstairs in our preschool area where she gained experience to help train and develop our two apprentices in our preschool.  She has now returned into our toddler room and is one of our first aiders.


Toddler room

Renae started with us in March 14 as a level 3 apprentice after completing her level 2 at college. She worked hard to achieve her level 3 NVQ whilst gaining valuable hands on experience. Renae works in our toddler room and is one of our first aiders.


Pre School

Polly began working here in July 18 in our preschool. She has gained her level 2 qualification in Childcare whilst at college and will be completing her level 3 whilst here at Secret Garden.


Pre School

Olivia joined us in July 17 as an apprentice upstairs in our preschool area. She has gained hands on experience whilst completing her level 2 diploma in young person work force. Olivia is a first aider.


Kacey joined us in Sept 18 as an apprentice in our preschool area. She will be studying towards her level 2 diploma in Young persons Work force whilst gaining valuable hands on experience in our nursery. she is also a first aider.